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Docvale will introduce advanced students into his Semenawa interpretation. The two day course will have three exercises per day. Each part will involve theory, demo, student practice and feedback.

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Ort: Emotion Center Munich, Leonrodplatz
Zeit: 10:00-18:00 Uhr
Kursleiter: Docvale

Lokale Covid-19 Hygiene Maßnahmen für München werden eingehalten. Über die aktuelle Situation wird kurzfristig informiert. An den getrennten Fesselplätzen braucht keine Maske getragen werden.

Docvale – intensive weekend „Convergence“

Dieser Workshop wendet sich an erfahrene Fesselpaare und stellt die Einführung in den Fesselstil von Docvale dar. Teilnehmer sollten sich bewusst sein, dass alle Patterns hängetauglich sein sollten und dass der Stil full suspension Übungen beinhaltet. Dieser Kurs setzt fortgeschrittene Kenntnisse von Oberkörper- Hüft- Beinfesselungen und Hängeseilen voraus! Der Kurs wird in englischer Sprache gehalten. Es wird bilinguale Übersetzer geben, die ggf. erklären können.

Entry Requirements: Participants must be able to confidently demonstrate a suspension worthy takate kote, and knowledge of working with suspension lines using primarily bamboo structures. Rope models should be familiar with extended time in suspension.

About the „Convergence“ philosophy:

We often hear in order to establish a relationship with our rope partner we should less concentrate on technical aspects and that the primary objective should be getting into the flow (good rope communication). As for aesthetics, it is often seen as a byproduct which is only relevant for the external perspective, in case of photography, video or performance involved. How can we overcome this belief that we should sacrifice technical and aesthetic focus to devote ourselves mainly to the relationship with our partner?
What guides my way of tying today is the following observation:
The three concepts (technical, aesthetic, communication) intermingle and depend on each other. And what is most striking is that everything leads to communication.
Each technical or aesthetic choice is a transmission tool to the rope bottom, an opportunity to create an emotion.
This workshop will be an opportunity to work on several technical and aesthetic concepts and to explore how, depending on their particularities, they contribute to create communication.

Workshop program:

The workshop will give participants the chance to familiarise themselves with Docvale’s approach „Convergence“ to shibari. Docvale and Bänana will both actively teach when she is not doing demo model work. The days will be structured into three exercises each. Each two hour exercise feature the following elements:

• Theoretical teaching
• Demonstration & explanation of the tie
• Students practice supervised by Docvale & Bänana
• Feedback about feelings and thoughts

Saturday – day one:
Introduction to « Convergences » theory .
Exercise 1 : Body and rope handling (several sub topics)
Exercise 2 : Technical choices (patterns) leading to first suspension
Exercise 3 : Technical choices (patterns) leading to second suspension

Discussion of day one results and general feedback

Sunday – day two:
Introduction into the impact of aesthetics on our communication (by rope)

Exercise 4 : Impact of aesthetic aspects of the tie (harness) on the body
Exercise 5 : Impact of aesthetic applied to the third suspension
Exercise 6 : Impact of aesthetic applied to the fourth suspension

Discussion of day two results, wrap up of course and general feedback

The particular content of the exercises will be adapted to the proficiency level of the group.
 @DeliteBlue will be available for individual discussions of personal proficiency levels. PM him in doubt. Each applicant alone is responsible for all risks arising from participating in the workshop and subsequently for applying learned knowledge. Liability by Docvale, SKGM or UG of any kind is excluded.

We look forward to seeing you!

About Docvale:

I created RopeSession in 2012 when I started performing and teaching shibari in France and abroad. My main influences and inspirations were Wildties and Naka Akira’s ropes. The psychological and BDSM aspect of kinbaku being at the center of my practice, when I discovered the semenawa of Naka Akira I decided to dedicate myself to it. Thanks to an assiduous practice with my partner Tyka, I managed to find my way to my own style.The challenge for me was ambitious: to reclaim the values and aesthetics of my predecessors while bringing my own singularities.
I am also the owner “Atelier Simonet” in Paris since 2018, which is an official Naka ryu place.

To synthetize my vision of kinbaku I would highlight these following issues and desires: „Revisiting the roots of kinbaku, always searching to deepen the intimate and emotional dimension, while integrating and developing more contemporary techniques on security and anatomy. “
Today my kinbaku is constantly evolving but always centered on my desire to better perceive and understand others.
During class, Bänana will give valuable advice to ropes bottoms. As she is also a rigger, she assists me in teaching and monitoring, which allows us to accompany you in the best way possible during the exercises.
Teaching is for me a privileged way to share my passion, and to transmit the values of kinbaku. And if in addition I can see my students make increasingly beautiful ropes… it’s great!

About Bänana :

Actress and director, I have always been fascinated by the expression of emotions and shibari has opened up other paths for me to explore.
I am following Docvale’s teaching since November 2018, when we also started tying together. It was immediately obvious that his approach to kinbaku corresponded to what I wanted to learn and live. Wanting to put the BDSM and relational aspect at the center of my rope practice, I decided to devote myself to this style as much in my apprenticeship as a rigger as my exploration through my relationship with Docvale.
I am Docvale’s model, work with him in the management of Atelier Simonet and teach shibari.

Kurz und knapp:

* Termin: Sa. und So. 20./21. August 2022
* Dauer: 10:00 – 18:00 Uhr mit zwei einstündigen Pausen (Verpflegung nicht inklusive)
* Wasser kostenlos, ggf. Trinkflasche bringen
* Bringt ca. 10 Seile möglichst Jute ca. 6 mm und Sicherheitswerkzeug mit
* Umkleideraum, Locker, Duschen, Toiletten vorhanden
* Geeignet ist fesseltaugliche Kleidung (z.B. Yoga Wear).
* Der Teilnehmerbeitrag beträgt € 360/Paar
* Produkt Code [b] WS028[/b]

AGB, Haftungs-, Zahlungs- und Stornobedingungen:

Jeder Anmelder trägt alleine die Haftung für alle Risiken aus der Teilnahme am Workshop und danach aus der Anwendung von erlerntem Wissen. Eine Haftung durch den Veranstalter jedweger Art ist ausgeschlossen.
Der Veranstalter reserviert das Recht die Veranstaltung wegen höherer Macht (z.B. Covid-19) abzusagen und gezahlte Teilnehmerbeiträge vollständig zurück zu erstatten.
Eine Stornierung durch angemeldete Teilnehmer ist nicht möglich. Tickets sind übertragbar zum Nennpreis.
Durch die Bestellung erkennt der Besteller diese Bedingungen an. Der Veranstalter bestätigt die Bestellung durch Ausstellung einer Rechnung an eine Email Adresse, die in der Überweisung übermittelt werden muss.




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